Saturday, July 19, 2008

A quick note about the flag

I discovered the bi flag a number of years ago. It was then that I took my first step into a much larger world.

A thing so simple as a computer and something we pretty much take for granted now... the internet. It made for (paradoxically) a huge and simultaneously very small world. I had lived a very small existence, mostly alone for my entire life. Oh, I shared my life with a couple of people here and there, but for the most part, my experiences were quite limited.

Then one day, I bought a computer. Two days later, I was hooked up to this new fangled internet thing.

I was 36. XXXVI. ;-)

And now, years later, I've combined that pivotal year in Roman numerals ('cause it's just classier than just "36") with the bi flag. I did it a few years back, without the rainbow effect because I identified closer to the hetero side of the scale. But not so much now. I find rainbows really attractive. In fact, when I see one for real, I feel as though I've been gifted by the gods.

Peace and love to everyone...

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Queers United said...

thanks for explaining, i was just wondering about it, and was like hmmm