Saturday, July 5, 2008

One day, at my computer...

Once upon a mid-day, dreary, while I blogged; bored and teary...

Ok, so I'm actually too lazy to adapt the whole poem. Besides, this is only my "Hello world" post. ;-)

As you can probably see for yourself by just looking the my main page, I have an interest in the I Ching and I'm bi. And anonymous blogging is about as close to being 'out' as I'm going to get.

Living in small town America isn't real conducive to expressing one's sexuality when said sexuality um...deviates from the 'social norm'. Now, personally, I believe that the so called 'social norm' is changing. Has been for a long time, now. It's just that the Moral Majority (which is neither) is simply so vocal that it's just easier for some of us to keep our mouths shut and fly under the radar.

I mean, seriously... I've seen people that I KNOW fool around with their same gender ridicule and persecute other LGBT folks. Now, I honestly understand that people don't want anything even remotely 'non-hetero' in their face. Or within ten miles of their face. I feel the same way about religion. Get. It. Out. Of. My. Face.

The difference is that I'm not about to persecute someone for their religious beliefs any more than I would someone for their sexual orientation. It would be so nice to live in a community... or even an entire society where people wouldn't even look twice at two men or two women holding hands in the mall or cuddling up in the movies.

Wow. What freedom that would be! Can you even imagine? Those that try to stake out the 'moral high ground' would have us believe that if non-hetero activity is not reigned in, then our entire society will degenerate into wild, lawless debauchery. Um... actually, I think that if ALL people could freely express themselves without fear of ridicule and persecution, you would find all manner of people not only experimenting with their sexuality, but actually finding themselves. If we could only be honest with ourselves... Admit that we might have feelings for someone in particular that just happens to be of the same gender without feeling the pressure of society telling us that those feeling are 'unnatural' and are just wrong...Wrong...WRONG!!!

Oppression is what's wrong, people. You know it... I know it...

So... if you're on this side of the fence, then Hi! How are ya? Nice to see you! Nice hair, by the way...

And if you are on the other side of the fence... before you deride us for the feelings we were born with, imagine what it would be like to be called a degenerate. A deviant. Downright evil. Just because your attraction is for the opposite gender. So, if you really don't want to be near Lesbians, Gays, Bi's and/or Transgendered folks... Just. Walk. Away.

And please: Keep your derogatory comments to yourself. Seriously. Please. We have feelings too.

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